My Platform

Inclusion and Diversity

Milton's growing population is our greatest asset. I believe politicians have an important role to play for modeling inclusion and seeking out diverse talent and perspectives within Milton. Taking an active role in promoting and demonstrating the inclusion will be utmost importance to me. 


Milton is becoming urbanized and travel times are going up. The large businesses are not coming to Milton because our transportation policy is designed to take people out of Milton rather than bringing people into Milton. 

There are 10 trains leaving Milton on every morning taking our workforce to Down Town Toronto and the same set of trains are coming back in the evening. The large businesses especially the knowledge based industry do not want to invest in a town from where people are leaving.

My plan is to redesign our transportation policy to create inter town and inter regional connections along with whole day GO Train service.

Business Development

According to Development and Planning department of Town of Milton, sixty two percent of Miltonions work in knowledge based industry, but this industry is not here in Milton. We end up sending our educated workforce to other towns losing millions of dollars worth of billable hours. 

I have been working in knowledge based industry for almost 15 years now. I sit at the other side of the table and I precisely know what is preventing them to come to Milton.

I have an action plan in place to bring the knowledge based industry in Milton. It will provide us access to diverse revenue streams that will be used to provide timely and effective services back to Miltonions.


Education is the most powerful tool a family can provide to its next generation. Tapping into median house hold age of 35, I will be focusing on providing vocational training to capture the knowledge base job market at tactical level. My strategic education plan is to align the large business' need with the educational goals of the young growing population.


My vision is to make Milton a future ready SMART town. Milton is located in the innovation corridor. The SMART Town and Cities are the direction where the Ontario Government is heading towards.

My vision is aligned with my experience of delivering over hundred millions dollars worth of technology projects in Canada.  

CN Intermodal Rail-Yard

I stand by our Region and Town AGAINST the CN Inter-modal Rail yard in Milton. However, I disagree with the approach that is being taken to address this important issue. I believe this issue has to be resolved out of the court and within political realm to avoid extra financial legal overhead on tax payers. In addition, in case if we lose, there is no risk mitigation strategy in place. We just cannot have CN Inter-modal at the middle of the residential area. As a town, we need to have a plan B to avoid the creation of Inter-modal at the proposed location.